Meow Is Not a Cat


Meow Is Not Cat is a flight of folly starring a cynical cat, monkeys, butt jokes, a banana cannon, and a kid named Meow. Many stories about neurodiverse kids feature adults “correcting” them. In this story, Meow changes an adult’s perspective.

Nestled in the laughs is a lesson on how embracing different interpretations of the world can yield fabulous results.



Neurodiverse kids are often labeled naughty, distracted, loud, difficult, or rude. Many stories about these kids end with an adult coming to the rescue to “correct” them. Not in this story. Instead, it’s Meow who helps an adult change their perspective.



Meow is never gendered. Readers can identify with Meow however they wish: girls see an adventurous spirit like themselves; boys see a creative soul like themselves; and non-binary kids enjoy a light-hearted laugh free from stereotypes.



All Kelly Tills books are dyslexia friendly. This book uses techniques to make reading a more comfortable: a dyslexia-friendly font; no stark white pages to reduce glare; ample text size and spacing to avoid crowding.

“An appealingly offbeat book with a strong message about appreciating unusual thinking.”

“[A] valuable reference for introducing the concept of neurodivergence… ”

The Children’s Book Review



4.6 stars on Amazon ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kindle New Release Bestseller list in Children’s Humorous Literature

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