Chicks Don’t Eat Candy


Chicks Don’t Eat Candy

Do chicks like sweets? No! They like worms much better. In this light-hearted book, learn what taste buds are and about all the different flavors. See what chicks like to eat instead. Enjoy hearing your child shout out the answers to silly questions like “Can kids taste candy?”

This call and response format is a time-tested method for keeping kids engaged and interacting, instead of just chewing on the pages.


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About the Series

Awesome Animals is a children’s non-fiction series. It explores the animal kingdom to gently introduce our little ones to body diversity. Each book features an animal which is missing something that we're taught to expect should be there. But these animals don’t just thrive despite that absence, they thrive because of it.

The Awesome Animals series uses a dyslexia-friendly type-face.

With dyslexia, we often focus on the challenges - difficulty reading. But thanks to the way the dyslexic brain is built, people with dyslexia are often creative, intuitive and highly successful. In other words, those people aren't thriving despite their dyslexic brain, they are thriving because of it.

Books in the series:

Product Specs

Ages: 0-5, or struggling readers up to 2nd grade

Retail Price

Pages: 28

Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″

Language: English

Published: March 2022

Publisher: Good With Crayons, an imprint of FDI Publishing

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What does “dyslexia friendly” mean?

The book uses a typeface which makes it easier fro some dyslexic people to read. Additionally, the text is large with ample spacing between letters and words. The backgrounds are colorful, but not so busy as to make reading difficult. The colorful pages reduce the glare usually associated with black text on glossy white pages.

Is this only for dyslexic kids?

Nope! The book is for any kid who loves animal, laughing, and learning unusual factoids. The accommodations made for dyslexic readers are non-invasive. Though, sleep deprives, bleary-eyed parents of little ones may also appreciate the improved readability.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes, discounts for teachers and educators are available when you order direct. Drop me a line and I’ll send you a discount code to use at check-out.  Alternatively, if you have access to the Ingram catalog, you may order from them at the wholesale price using the ISBN.

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