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Dyslexia Friendly Reading List

A while back I started a dyslexia friendly reading list on Instagram. Those pictures are pretty, but it sure is hard to keep track of books that way. 😱 So here’s my crack at pulling the list together all in one place. Ping me if you have ideas for new books.

Tiny folks who recycle what humans throw away to save the planet! In The Turtle Tangle, the Tindims deal with Bottle Mountain.

It tells the story of a rescued baby squirrel and two sisters, and shares lessons about taking care of others.

This is a sweet story about finding your voice, featuring an encouraging mother and really luscious illustrations.

by yours truly

This book tackles neurodiversity in multiple ways. Perhaps one of the more subtle nods is to dyslexia.

by Diane Burton Robb

This is a story about a problem many children with dyslexia face. Spoiler alert: there's a happy ending!

by yours truly

From my own collection of silly science books: Turtles Have Secret Ears.

by yours truly

From my own collection of silly science books: Chicks Don’t Eat Candy.

From the author of Rupert’s Snowman, a gentle book about change and growth.

Who knew a niche concept like dyslexia-friendly fonts would hit mainstream news. Thank you Govenor Newsom!

The newest installation in the famous Ada Twist series, this book is both about dyslexia, and dyslexia-friendly. Aaron’s world is magical. My kids LOVED it!

A lovely walk through a snowy day with a sweet child. My kids liked the scene with the hot chocolate best (no spoilers, but it’s cute).

by yours truly

Two books from my own collection of silly science books: Snakes Have No Legs and Pigs Never Sweat.

by yours truly

Two books from my own collection of silly science books: Cows Have No Top Teeth and Geckos Don’t Blink.

A bittersweet story about love, community and hope, illustrated by the amazing Sara Ogilvie.

Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver

A favorite among parents of dyslexic children, this entire collection is frequently recommended. By… the FONZ!

Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

I’ve placed my pre-order for the updated edition coming in April 2022. Lots of important topics in this Live and Learn series.

Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide

This one is for the parents: It’s THE book that inspired me to make dyslexia-friendly books. It’s a must read, so read it!

Obligatory disclaimer in itty bitty text — I earn a commission on Amazon purchases.☕ I figured I could buy someone a fancy coffee with the proceeds at the end of the year.


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