A FUN gender-free picture book

A quirky kid, a cynical cat and so many monkeys!
Even grown-ups love reading it over, and over, and over...

MEOW Is Not a Cat
MEOW Is Not a Cat
MEOW Is Not a Cat
MEOW Is Not a Cat
MEOW Is Not a Cat
MEOW Is Not a Cat
MEOW Is Not a Cat
MEOW Is Not a Cat

MEOW Is Not a Cat

A Lovable Kiddo Named Meow Saves The Day... And All The Bananas!

✔ 44 pages of whimsical fun

✔ Memorable characters kids ask for time and again

✔ Playful, colorful art style

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This is a picture book about a clever kid who learns to embrace their unique qualities on a field trip.

Meow, the main character, is puzzled as to why everyone calls them Meow. They suspect it's because they have cat-like ears on their hat, but their snarky feline friend has other ideas.

Hearing your kiddo ask "read to me" feels like winning the lottery. So enjoy cuddling and reading with your little one with this adorably illustrated picture book.

Ages: 4-8

Pages: 44

Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″

Language: English

Published: April 2022

Publisher: Good With Crayons, an imprint of FDI Publishing

Parents, Teachers and Kids all love MEOW!


This is an incredibly fun read. You will very much enjoy this quirky, fun tale... I read this with my daughter and she laughed out loud.

—Aaron C.


I read this to my students and on page one a little girl said, “Is that a boy or a girl?” [...] Finally I said, “The author chose not to say he or she to describe Meow.” Immediately another little boy said, “Ohhh, so we can all relate to it.”

—Christina, teacher


I really appreciated the fun humor of this book and how Meow was never shamed for being different. I also appreciated how the author made Meow without a specified gender so any kiddo can relate to them.

—Nicky G.


It was so good when they shared the bananas with the monkeys. I liked when the bananas were flying in the sky.😸😸😸

—Vanessa, 6-years-old


The girls loved it and couldn’t stop laughing, they wanted me to read it over and over best book ever

—Amazon Reader

The best book for kids are the ones they want to read over and over. MEOW is that book!

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