Chicks Don’t Eat Candy
Chicks Don’t Eat Candy
Chicks Don’t Eat Candy
Chicks Don’t Eat Candy

Chicks Don’t Eat Candy

A super fun way to learn about animals and science

✔ 28 pages of silliness

✔ Bold, vibrant colors

✔ Lovable characters

 - $19.95

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Do chicks like sweets? No! They like worms much better.

In this light-hearted book, learn what taste buds are and about all the different flavors. See what chicks like to eat instead.

Enjoy hearing your child shout out the answers to silly questions like “Can kids taste candy?” This call and response format is a time-tested method for keeping kids engaged and interacting, instead of just chewing on the pages.

Pages : 28

Size: 8.5″ x 8.5″

Publisher: Good With Crayons, an imprint of FDI Publishing

This series uses a typeface which makes reading more comfortable for some dyslexic people. Additionally, the text is large with ample spacing between letters and words. The backgrounds are colorful, but not so busy as to make reading difficult. The colorful pages reduce the glare usually associated with black text on glossy white pages.

Is this ONLY for dyslexic kids?

Nope! The accommodations made for dyslexic readers are non-invasive (though, sleep deprived, bleary-eyed parents may also appreciate the improved readability).

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Part of the Awesome Animals series

Award Winning Series

Awesome Animals was recognized by the esteemedMoonbeam Children's Book Awardsfor best picture book series.

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Pre & Early Readers

Perfect to read aloud with your little one, or let your emerging readers read to you- flex those new reading skills!

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